Why You Should Buy Scholl Shoes

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When William Scholl came up with the concept to design a shoe to support the arches of the feet, he had no idea how this simple design would grow into the Dr. Scholl Shoe Empire. Today, the company is based in Australia and continues Dr. Scholl’s legacy of making comfortable, healthy shoes to help men, women, and children care for their feet. 


Why are Scholl Shoes so trusted?

Built for comfort, Dr. Scholl shoes make you feel like you are walking on air. Combining quality materials and proprietary foot care technology, Scholl shoes online provide you with a relaxing fit for daily wear. Styles range from casually cool sandals to effortlessly stylish sneakers. 

Scholl Shoes Features for Comfort and Foot Fatigue

With over 100 years designing comfortable footwear under its belt, Dr. Scholl’s knows a lot about increasing comfort and reducing foot fatigue. In fact, Scholl shoes target three main areas under the foot—the balls, arches, and heels. You can expect Dr. Scholl shoes online to have one or more of the following features. 
Footbed: Dr. Scholl’s footbed conforms to the shape of the foot to prevent the foot from sliding when you walk. 
Outsole: Rubber outsoles provide traction and stability. 
Midsole: A shock absorbing midsoles lessens the impact when your feet hit the ground. 
Heel Inserts: Some shoes have gel inserts inside the heel area to help relieve the pressure from standing on your feet all day, at Mode Footwear.  
Heel Cushions: Select footwear feature cushioned pads above the heel to improve the fit and to keep blisters from forming. 

Choosing from the types of Scholl Shoes

Dr. Scholl Shoes feature good-for-your-feet-elements, like the brand’s patented cushion. Following, you will find a mixture of styles available for men, women, and children. 
Slides: Known as the exercise sandal, the slide is the brand’s flagship shoe. It is gloriously comfortable and features a leather strap upper, a wood or leather footbed, and a rubber sole. It is available with and without a heel strap. The one strap model is designed for women and girls. However, similar footwear with two straps is available for boys and men. 
Sneakers: Thick-cushioned bottoms not only bring the feet pleasure but also help Scholl sneakers stand out from the crowd. 
Casuals/Flats: The brand makes a wide variety of adorable ballet flats and loafers for women, as well as slip-ons and oxfords for men. 
Boots: You will find stylish Chelsea and Chukka boots for both men and women.


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