Paradise Beach Club can be the perfect venue for all your party needs, from a small 21st birthday dance party to the bachelor/bachelorette party of your dreams. Don’t spend your night waiting in lines or down in the crowds. Enjoy yourself from some of the best seats in the house. 

After a fast-track entrance and escort to your private elevated section of lounge seating, you and your party will be waited on by your own personal server. You have the choice of ordering a variety of drinks from your server (VIP Bar Service) or choosing from our bottle-menu and have drinks prepared in front of you (VIP Bottle Service). If you’re also looking to dine, our late night menu is available till close. 

The size of your party determines the price of your package on both VIP Bottle Service and VIP Bar Service. Below you will learn about both of these services. If you still have questions after reading this information, please feel free to contact us at tropicalbreeze@theparadisebc.com. To make reservations, click on the reservation tab.


Bottle service is available by reservation only. It provides you with a table-side bar and your own personal bartender. Pick the liquor of your choice from our bottle service menu. If your favorite liquor is not on our list, we may still be able to make it available for you.

VIP Bottle Service Includes:

• Your choice of alcohol, 3 mixers*, and two garnishes.

• Carte Blanche Service with no wait in line or cover charge. 

• Prime seat location with views of the dance floor and stage. 

• A personal bartender along with tableside bar service.

*Redbull and Bottled Water are not included as mixers. 

Total VIP Price (Includes Liquor):

8 to 10 Guests 1 Bottle $225 Single Size Section
16 to 18 Guests 2 Bottles $425 Double Size Section
24 to 26 Guests 3 Bottles $600 Triple Size Section

Additional bottles of liquor available for $150.00

If Bottle service is not in your plans, try our VIP bar service. This service allows you to order a variety of drinks from your personal server, and not have to be limited to one particular liquor. The minimum base fee for VIP bar service is $225 .This includes $100.00 bar credit. Larger party packages are priced as follows:

Base Fee Max # of Guests Liquor Credit
$225 10 $100
$425 18 $200
$600 24+ $300

VIP tables are held and guaranteed till 10:30PM on the night of the reservation. Walki-ns are accepted, but reservations are highly recommended, as VIP area book in fast, especially on Friday & Saturday nights. 
20% gratuity is added to all VIP bottle service & bar service packages Discounted VIP service is available mid week. Call 366-2665 to inquire on which nights this is being offered. 
50% non-refundable deposit required with all reservations.