Skechers: Footwear with a Conscience

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While Skechers shoes offer great styles for the whole family, they are also a company with a social conscience. Skechers shoes is committed to helping kids and animals with their BOBS line of shoes. Not only are BOBS shoes stylish and comfortable, but with every pair that you purchase, you are making a difference in the life of a child or an animal. The mission of BOBS is two-fold and helps in two different ways and on two different levels.

Why are Skechers such a great shoe to buy?


Skechers shoes has donated millions of dollars to Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill organization committed to rescuing thousands of animals from US shelters. In addition, Skechers shoes partners with a number of different organizations to host the annual “Best Friends Strut Your Mutt Save Them All Charity Dog Walk.” 

Last year, Skechers sale australia partnered with more than 300 different organizations to host an event which raised over $2.6 million and included nearly 13,500 participants and over 9,000 dogs. This year’s event is scheduled for the fall in seven different cities around the US. 

Skechers are environmentally friendly and stylish

Donations raised from the event help to fund a wide variety of programs ranging from adoption to spay/ neuter services. This helps to not only get animals out of shelters and into loving homes, but also helps prevent overpopulation that keeps shelters full in the first place. Since all the groups that participate are part of the Best Friends Network, they get to keep 100% of the funds raised to support these lifesaving efforts.

Not only does BOBS for dogs offer a wide range of fashionable shoes for women, but BOBS for dogs also offers a full line of apparel that also benefits the BOBS for dogs programs. Skechers sale australia has committed to donating at least $3 million to the Best Friends Network by August 2018.


In addition to their work with animals, BOBS also partners with a network of charities and non-profit organizations around the world to provide shoes to children who are or have been affected by poverty, homelessness, epidemics and other catastrophic or life-altering events. To date, BOBS has donated over 15 million pairs of shoes to children in the US and in 30 countries around the world. Shop Skechers at

Decide now and buy shoes that are good for the environment

These days businesses must do more than just offer a great product. Great businesses also make a difference in their communities and around the world. This is a mission that Skechers shoes takes seriously. Skechers shoes aims to do more than just provide fashionable, stylish and affordable footwear for the whole family. They also want to make a global impact to ensure that children around the world have protective footwear, no matter their circumstances and to help sheltered animals find safe, loving forever homes.

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