Merrell Shoes: A Brand Made to Last

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The man behind the famous shoe brand Merrell is actually the brand’s namesake, Randy Merrell. He didn’t start out with a strong desire to make shoes but when he was hiking in rough terrain and lost his boots with a great distance to go before getting back where he started he knew that outdoor shoes needed to be improved. Hiking boots used to be notoriously ill-fitting and often loose. After attending a shoe-making school, in 1981 Randy began to work on his very first shoe, the Wilderness Boot along with Clark Matis and John Schweize. Quality and a perfect fit were his top two considerations. He wanted to create a boot that was rugged and would last many years of hard use for outdoor lovers.

What is the best characteristic of Merrell shoes?

Many years later the Merrell shoes online brand is famous for producing quality hiking boots along with a myriad of other outdoor accessories, clothing, and footwear. Every item the company produces is created with a purpose. They know their customers are outdoor enthusiasts and need wearables that can withstand a variety of different weather and walking conditions. Merrell shoes online has innovated beyond just hiking boots, they now have shoes for trail running, hiking, fitness, and casual wear for men, women, and children. Merrell’s clothing line is not only comfortable but also versatile. Again, each piece was created for outdoor adventures. They utilize water-wicking materials that dry quickly for a rainy day or a sweaty run and coats that are lightweight but keep users warm in frigid temperatures. 

Merrell is an extremely successful shoe brand

One of the best ways to determine the success of a company is through customer reviews and Merrell shoes online doesn’t disappoint. While their products are available for purchase through many websites and brick-and-mortar stores, there are many consistencies in posted reviews. They are all resoundingly positive. Most people rave about the high level of comfort in their shoes and about how excellent Merrell shoes fit while others adore the look and feel of the materials. Thousands of positive reviews are not easy to come by, it is truly a strong statement of the high quality of Merrell’s products at Mode Footwear.

Buying Merrell shoes online is the best

Over 30 years of shoe-making has made Merrell a go-to brand for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and averages joes. Their shoes and clothing are made with the highest level of quality because they are made to last and stand the test of regular use over time. Where other shoes may wear out quickly, Merrell shoes will still be going strong. People all over the globe enjoy Merrell products and wear them with pride because they are a brand that is created for outdoorsmen and understands their unique needs.

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