The Paradise Beach Club


Thanks for another great year! – See you in 2018 for another rockin’ season!

Come by car, boat or train. Whatever your mode of transportation, it’s a party paradise on the lake – we’re located on the Weirs Beach strip, right on the shores of beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee! Our friendly servers will bring you ice cold cocktails and tasty treats as you dance and party. Live bands and DJ’s provide the soundtrack as bartenders prepare specialty drinks and the kitchen turns out an incredible bar menu, servicing mouth-watering delights from apps and sandwiches to yummy desserts. Eat inside in a tropical atmosphere or dine out on the patio partaking in a great variety of tropical drinks from the Tiki-bar. 

The Right Way To Shop For Women’s Boots


The earliest known human use of boots dates back to roughly 3,000 years ago, or 1000 B.C. Back then, without the wide-ranging, powerful free market economies of today’s world, you’d be lucky to get a pair of halfway-decent women’s boots on your hands, let alone some nice-fitting,nice-working, and nice-looking ones.

Although women’s boots come in countless varieties – some of them aren’t made to withstand substantial structural impact and are geared toward fashion, whereas others are meant to last in tough conditions for upward of a lifetime – the process of shopping for them is roughly the same.

Even though you’ve been wearing shoes your whole life, you – amazingly – somehow don’t know how to shop for them the proper way. Let’s discuss how to shop for shoes, specifically women’s boots, the right way. 

Women’s boots and feet

Feet support our entire bodyweight, even though they’re often not longer than 12 inches or wider than four inches. Did you know that feet expand during the day? 

Technically, the correct, accurate way to spread this information is to say that feet shrink slightly when they’re not being walked on women’s boots, a process that most frequently happens during sleep. During people’s waking lives – at least their walking, waking lives – their feet expand slightly. This process constantly loops around and around and around, ad nauseam. 

With this in mind, if you’re shopping for women’s boots, you should aim to go within a few hours of your usual bedtime. 

If you purchase women’s boots that you tried on in the morning, you may very well end up with a pair that is too small for your liking. Be patient – wait until the afternoon, evening, or nighttime. 

Women’s boots are perfect with stockings

Some women’s boots are built just for the purpose of hitting the club for the night. On the other hand, some women’s boots are crafted with the intention of going on multi-day hiking expeditions. 

The former type of women’s boots aren’t likely to be worn with socks or long pants, whereas the hiking boots are. You can also find more at website.

As such, make sure to leave home with the stockings, socks, and pants you will most likely wear when you wear the women’s boots you’re looking for. Taking this precaution prior to hitting the mall or individual retail outlets will help improve your satisfaction with whatever pair of women’s boots you purchase. 

Choosing your type of women’s boots

Some shoppers, when looking for new shoes, buy them in a size that snugly fits their feet, as most shoes expand over time. Failing to accommodate for this fact of fashion can result in poor-fitting shoes on down the road. And buy online at Brand House Direct.

Women’s boots should never be expected to stretch by any margin, whatsoever, after wearing them. Keep this in mind when shopping for the pair of women’s boots that suits you.

Merrell Shoes: A Brand Made to Last


The man behind the famous shoe brand Merrell is actually the brand’s namesake, Randy Merrell. He didn’t start out with a strong desire to make shoes but when he was hiking in rough terrain and lost his boots with a great distance to go before getting back where he started he knew that outdoor shoes needed to be improved. Hiking boots used to be notoriously ill-fitting and often loose. After attending a shoe-making school, in 1981 Randy began to work on his very first shoe, the Wilderness Boot along with Clark Matis and John Schweize. Quality and a perfect fit were his top two considerations. He wanted to create a boot that was rugged and would last many years of hard use for outdoor lovers.

What is the best characteristic of Merrell shoes?

Many years later the Merrell shoes online brand is famous for producing quality hiking boots along with a myriad of other outdoor accessories, clothing, and footwear. Every item the company produces is created with a purpose. They know their customers are outdoor enthusiasts and need wearables that can withstand a variety of different weather and walking conditions. Merrell shoes online has innovated beyond just hiking boots, they now have shoes for trail running, hiking, fitness, and casual wear for men, women, and children. Merrell’s clothing line is not only comfortable but also versatile. Again, each piece was created for outdoor adventures. They utilize water-wicking materials that dry quickly for a rainy day or a sweaty run and coats that are lightweight but keep users warm in frigid temperatures. 

Merrell is an extremely successful shoe brand

One of the best ways to determine the success of a company is through customer reviews and Merrell shoes online doesn’t disappoint. While their products are available for purchase through many websites and brick-and-mortar stores, there are many consistencies in posted reviews. They are all resoundingly positive. Most people rave about the high level of comfort in their shoes and about how excellent Merrell shoes fit while others adore the look and feel of the materials. Thousands of positive reviews are not easy to come by, it is truly a strong statement of the high quality of Merrell’s products at Mode Footwear.

Buying Merrell shoes online is the best

Over 30 years of shoe-making has made Merrell a go-to brand for outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and averages joes. Their shoes and clothing are made with the highest level of quality because they are made to last and stand the test of regular use over time. Where other shoes may wear out quickly, Merrell shoes will still be going strong. People all over the globe enjoy Merrell products and wear them with pride because they are a brand that is created for outdoorsmen and understands their unique needs.

Why You Should Buy Scholl Shoes


When William Scholl came up with the concept to design a shoe to support the arches of the feet, he had no idea how this simple design would grow into the Dr. Scholl Shoe Empire. Today, the company is based in Australia and continues Dr. Scholl’s legacy of making comfortable, healthy shoes to help men, women, and children care for their feet.

Why are Scholl Shoes so trusted?

Built for comfort, Dr. Scholl shoes make you feel like you are walking on air. Combining quality materials and proprietary foot care technology, Scholl shoes online provide you with a relaxing fit for daily wear. Styles range from casually cool sandals to effortlessly stylish sneakers. 

Scholl Shoes Features for Comfort and Foot Fatigue

With over 100 years designing comfortable footwear under its belt, Dr. Scholl’s knows a lot about increasing comfort and reducing foot fatigue. In fact, Scholl shoes target three main areas under the foot—the balls, arches, and heels. You can expect Dr. Scholl shoes online to have one or more of the following features. 
Footbed: Dr. Scholl’s footbed conforms to the shape of the foot to prevent the foot from sliding when you walk. 
Outsole: Rubber outsoles provide traction and stability. 
Midsole: A shock absorbing midsoles lessens the impact when your feet hit the ground. 
Heel Inserts: Some shoes have gel inserts inside the heel area to help relieve the pressure from standing on your feet all day, at Mode Footwear.  
Heel Cushions: Select footwear feature cushioned pads above the heel to improve the fit and to keep blisters from forming. 

Choosing from the types of Scholl Shoes

Dr. Scholl Shoes feature good-for-your-feet-elements, like the brand’s patented cushion. Following, you will find a mixture of styles available for men, women, and children. 
Slides: Known as the exercise sandal, the slide is the brand’s flagship shoe. It is gloriously comfortable and features a leather strap upper, a wood or leather footbed, and a rubber sole. It is available with and without a heel strap. The one strap model is designed for women and girls. However, similar footwear with two straps is available for boys and men. 
Sneakers: Thick-cushioned bottoms not only bring the feet pleasure but also help Scholl sneakers stand out from the crowd. 
Casuals/Flats: The brand makes a wide variety of adorable ballet flats and loafers for women, as well as slip-ons and oxfords for men. 
Boots: You will find stylish Chelsea and Chukka boots for both men and women.

About Us


Bret and Krista Loring, Owners/Managers of the Paradise Beach Club have been in business for 18 years. Bret is a musician, with a lot of knowledge of music, sound and lighting techniques. They take pride in hiring only the best, top quality bands, from around New England. 

The Paradise has a tropical environment that will allow people to put their problems away, and enjoy an evening out under illuminated Palms. 

Both Krista and Bret value their employees and treat them as family, encouraging them to work as a Team while serving patrons. Bret has many years of cooking experience, and heads up a kitchen crew that produces some of the best tasting dishes in the Lakes Region. This year the Paradise Beach Club’s new “Pub Menu”, offers a wide variety of appetizer and sandwich choices. The full pub menu is available till close.

Phukitz Tiki Bar


Join us at our PHUKITZ Outside Tiki Bar. Enjoy a really cool atmosphere with a laid back KEY WEST vibe, featuring a sandy beach area with lounge chairs, live music, full bar and great food! At PHUKITZ you will find the one and only FENDER BLENDER – A bicycle with a blender mounted on it so you can blend your own drinks! You gotta see this thing!

We invite everyone to partake in the Paradise Experience, knowing that you will have an incredible and memorable evening out, dining and dancing to the area’s best entertainment. 

PHUKITZ merchandise is available for purchase.

Band Links


Here are the bands that usually play at Paradise Beach Club weekly.

  • The Bars Band
  • Fighting Friday
  • Wildside
  • Red Sky Mary
  • Tigerlily
  • Sweep The Leg
  • Gone By Sunrise
  • Never In Vegas

Skechers: Footwear with a Conscience


While Skechers shoes offer great styles for the whole family, they are also a company with a social conscience. Skechers shoes is committed to helping kids and animals with their BOBS line of shoes. Not only are BOBS shoes stylish and comfortable, but with every pair that you purchase, you are making a difference in the life of a child or an animal. The mission of BOBS is two-fold and helps in two different ways and on two different levels.

Why are Skechers such a great shoe to buy?


Skechers shoes has donated millions of dollars to Best Friends Animal Society, a no-kill organization committed to rescuing thousands of animals from US shelters. In addition, Skechers shoes partners with a number of different organizations to host the annual “Best Friends Strut Your Mutt Save Them All Charity Dog Walk.” 

Last year, Skechers sale australia partnered with more than 300 different organizations to host an event which raised over $2.6 million and included nearly 13,500 participants and over 9,000 dogs. This year’s event is scheduled for the fall in seven different cities around the US. 

Skechers are environmentally friendly and stylish

Donations raised from the event help to fund a wide variety of programs ranging from adoption to spay/ neuter services. This helps to not only get animals out of shelters and into loving homes, but also helps prevent overpopulation that keeps shelters full in the first place. Since all the groups that participate are part of the Best Friends Network, they get to keep 100% of the funds raised to support these lifesaving efforts.

Not only does BOBS for dogs offer a wide range of fashionable shoes for women, but BOBS for dogs also offers a full line of apparel that also benefits the BOBS for dogs programs. Skechers sale australia has committed to donating at least $3 million to the Best Friends Network by August 2018.


In addition to their work with animals, BOBS also partners with a network of charities and non-profit organizations around the world to provide shoes to children who are or have been affected by poverty, homelessness, epidemics and other catastrophic or life-altering events. To date, BOBS has donated over 15 million pairs of shoes to children in the US and in 30 countries around the world. Shop Skechers at

Decide now and buy shoes that are good for the environment

These days businesses must do more than just offer a great product. Great businesses also make a difference in their communities and around the world. This is a mission that Skechers shoes takes seriously. Skechers shoes aims to do more than just provide fashionable, stylish and affordable footwear for the whole family. They also want to make a global impact to ensure that children around the world have protective footwear, no matter their circumstances and to help sheltered animals find safe, loving forever homes.

Rockport Shoes History and Benefits


Rockport Group is a private company where Bob Infantino is the current CEO. It majors in producing shoes and is located in Newton. Presently, the Crescent Group owns the Rockport Company. It was established in 1971 by Saul L. Katz and Bruce Katz, his son. The footwear products produced are distributed to various parts of the country. The company developed with time even though it began with less amount of money. Samuel Katz, the father of Saul, was also a founder of another shoe industry, Saul later took charge of his father’s company and Bruce came into the picture. Saul and Bruce founded the Rockport Company, where Bruce gave it a name. Before it was sold it made so much profit almost $ 100 million in a year.

Why Should I Buy Rockport Shoes?

Rockport shoes are available in various styles and sizes. Rockport shoes deals with boots, walking shoes, dress shoes, sneakers, sandals and many more. The Rockport shoes are available online where one can purchase a product, and the shipping fee is free. The shoes have different prices, discount price and colors. On social media, the shoes are also displayed so that the customers can easily get access to them and comment on how they liked or disliked the product. The Rockport shoes for men can be worn on various occasions such as during sports, when walking around or when going to work. For instance, Rockport Ellingwood which belongs to men. It is waterproof and is available in various colors; the hydro shield construction enables to maintain the foot dry. Has padded collar and tongue which are of importance, the price is $ 109.95 among the many other shoes available. From the online services, it is much simpler and convenient for a customer to get the various types and choose the one he/she thinks suits them well.

Different Rockport Mens Shoes are for Different Purposes

Rockport shoes, the sneaker model is well designed for sports purposes. It has a flexible sole, made of either rubber or synthetic material such that the person wearing it feels comfortable when running. Shoelaces are available in some and absent in others. Women are known to have various tastes and preferences; the sneakers they can acquire from Rockport at Mode Footwear will serve them as they like. For instance, Skechers Flex, Saucony Freedom, it has Continuous Cushioning allowing the body and feet perform more work. The type of sneaker gives a child the power to jump. The heel clip is meant for stability, while flex film upper is for durability.

Decide to Buy The Right Shoes For You

Other Rockport Shoes include the Rockport Northfield. The Hydro-shield waterproof enable keeps the feet dry and comfy during unpredicted weather, the latex foam cushioned provides comfort, and the EVA outsole acts as a shock absorber and gives traction. Dark brown color is available at various prices. The Rockport shoes meet the preferences of most customers.